1) Station chairs are 2 meters apart, otherwise divided by plexiglass.


2) All chairs, tools, sinks, and surfaces will be sanitized/disinfected between all appointments. 


3) All staff and clients will be required to wear a mask during the appointment.  You may wear your own mask or a disposable one will be provided for you.  Masks must go behind the ear, NOT tie behind the head.  

4) Guests must come to the appointment alone (please do NOT bring family, friends, or children). 

5) Our waiting area is currently CLOSED so please wait outside, in the parking lot, or in your vehicle and one of us will come and get you when we are ready. 


6) All magazines will be removed. 


7) No coffee/beverages or snacks.


8) Please leave coats and bags at home or in your car if possible.


9) If you or someone in your household is showing any signs or symptoms of illness please do not come to your appointment.  If a client is showing any symptoms, the service will be refused. 


10) Esthetic services (such as facial waxing) are unavailable until further notice. 

11) Due to added time and cost restraints prices will be increasing by $5-$10 per service. 


Thank you for your continued patience and support!