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What does it mean to be a Green Circle Salon?

We recognize that our industry has the potential to leave a large carbon footprint. The Green Circle Salon network is committed to lowering that foot print by reducing the amount of salon related waste generated servicing our guests. Through their comprehensive recycling/repurposing program we are able to reduce 90%-95% of our waste. Hair, foils, colour tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals all get diverted out of our landfill and water systems.

Hair itself is a unique matter; it is collected, dried out, and stored by Green Circle Salons. In the event of an oil spill that hair will be used to absorb the oil that can damage our planet.


The GCS program works full circle with Piccadilly Salon and our guests. On every service bill we have implemented an environmental surcharge as follows: 
Haircuts $0.50-$1.00
Haircuts with Colour/Chemical Texture Services $1.50-$2.00

90% pays for the program and the other 10% will be saved for green initiatives at Piccadilly Salon (so far all of our lights are LED and our coffee is now organic fair trade-Level Ground Coffee).


We thank our clients SO MUCH for choosing our salon and for contributing to remarkable green change!


For more information on Green Circle Salons visit:



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